Convert from decibel milliwatts to milliwatts.

This calculator converts values from decibel milliwatts (dBm) to milliwatts (mW). The script is written in Python. I created different rounding characteristics based on the mW value returned. This enhances readability for larger numbers while still expressing small numbers accurately. Input validation and error messages are also included.

The front end of the application uses JavaScript. I utilized code from a lab project, selecting the code needed and refactoring it to work with my application. I designed the application to run on a serverless architecture in AWS.

Client-side JavaScript would be a more efficient implementation of this calculator. Running the calculator script server-side allowed me to incorporate more AWS services into this project.

The AWS services used in this project are: Route 53, CloudFront, Certificate Manager, S3, API Gateway, IAM, and Lambda. I created an architecture diagram using Lucidchart.

Serverless architecture diagram